Liquid Media

With over 60 years of experience in cell culture, Lonza is the leading provider of media for therapeutic applications. We have a complete portfolio of media for all the common cell platforms, like CHO, Hybridoma, NS0, PerC6, Insect, Hematopoïetic or Kidney cells.  To meet all of our client's requirements, several formulations exist for each platform. These platforms ranges from simple serum-free, protein-free, or chemically defined and are made using exclusive non-animal origin ingredients.

Lonza understands the importance of regulatory guidelines; therefore, upon our client's request a complete traceability table can be provided. As part of Lonza's service offering and our extensive experience with the interactions between unique primary cells or cell lines and media, we are positioned as the preferred partner for customization, optimization and creation of new formulations. 

We provide the following Bioprocessing services:

  • Customization: We modify existing Lonza formulation to better fit to your application per your request.
  • Optimization: With our client's cells and existing medium, Lonza's R&D lab will optimize the formulation to boost your cell growth and/or productivity.
  • Creation: With our client's cells, our R&D lab will design a brand new formulation adapted to your cells.

Please contact us for more information on our Bioprocessing Systems.