Discoveries in technology, medicine, and nutrition are emerging with accelerating speed and improving our health and quality of life. Brought to you by Lonza, “A View On” podcast is a series of short conversations with industry leaders. Join us to discuss new trends that are impacting scientific research, drug discovery and business.

The series of monthly conversations with pharma, biotech and nutrition leaders from across industry and academia covers a wide range of topics from 3D bioprinting to therapeutic cannabinoids. In under ten minutes, each podcast takes the audience on a rapid but deep dive into an exciting development that promises to profoundly change or even revolutionize healthcare.

EPISODE 1: Bioprinting

From the International Space Station to Desktop Printers, 3D Bioprinting Is Revolutionizing Tissue Model Research

Allevi CEO Ricky Solorzano talks to Lonza about how Allevi bioprinters are empowering scientists to print their own tissue models