Committing to Support School for Underprivileged Children in India

Education is the backbone of every society in the world. But what matters the most is to have a quality education – a dream for many. In India out of the 229 million students enrolled for class I – XII, only a few receive a quality education with good teachers and teaching aids.    

In 2015 Lonza India decided to focus our local corporate social responsibility (CSR) efforts where we operate and to establish a direct, close and continuing interaction with the Marathi Medium School Vidya Vikas Mandal for underprivileged children in Mumbai (IN). The school, established in 1957, is currently home to around 600 students and facilitates education from primary school to secondary school. As part of our CSR, Lonza India has supported the school by constructing and renovating school buildings and by setting up e-learning facilities, a computer lab and a science lab.   

In June 2018 Lonza Group General Counsel Andreas Bohrer visited the school to meet the students and to see how the project had developed with our aid since 2015. Our support has made a positive change in students' lives and has encouraged management to work toward their mission of improving education for these deprived students.  

Partnering with Swiss Youth in Science

Another continuing project in 2018 is Lonza’s partnership with Swiss Youth in Science, which began in July 2014. Founded in 1967 the foundation Schweizer Jugend forscht (Swiss Youth in Science) supports inquisitive and motivated children and young people with the aim of awakening joy and fascination for scientific work.With the foundation’s series of courses, children and young people become more interested in subjects such as mathematics, computer science, natural sciences and technology; and they learn about options for their future studies or professional careers. Through this intense engagement, Lonza contributes to the promotion of science and helps in the development of the next generation of scientific professionals.


Sponsoring a Swiss Think Tank

As a corporate citizen interested in the future development of society and its interdependencies with politics and economics, Lonza has been a partner of Avenir Suisse, an independent think tank for economic and social issues, for many years. In 2018 Lonza continued to support Avenir Suisse, which aims to demonstrate a need for political action and to help solve problems by means of initiatives and proposals.

To this end it performs analyses based on scientific principles, organizes conferences and participates in public debates. Founded in 1999 it is supported by more than 100 companies and private individuals from all economic branches and regions of Switzerland.