• Policies, Certificates, General Terms

    Lonza is committed to operations and practices, which prevent harm to people and damage to environment or property. The principles for?environment, health, safety and security (EHS) resulting?from the company's ethical conviction take precedence and apply throughout the group.

    EHS?management system certification is not globally enforced throughout production and R&D sites. Individual sites however do have the freedom to have certified their system if they wish so.

  • Corporate EHS Policy

    Safety and Sustainability Policy | PDF

    Management and Responsibility - We actively manage EHS as an integral part of our businesses, operations and practices. We require regional and local management to comply with the applicable laws and the internal and external EHS requirements. Security measures must be integrated into the EHS management system and must meet defined minimal requirements.

    Environment and People - We strive to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and business practices. We will maintain a safe workplace environment for our employees and provide appropriate information and training.

    Continual Improvement - We monitor our EHS performance and measure the progress by specific indicators. We promote actions to increase the ecoefficiency of our investments.

    Control and Auditing - We operate only processes, apply technologies and develop and handle products, which are assessed for their EHS risks. All raw materials, intermediates and products are assessed for their regulatory compliance. We have emergency procedures in place and emergency response organizations at all our sites to control and to limit the impact of incidents and threats. We periodically audit our operations as well as business and management practices at all our sites with regard to EHS performance and compliance.

    Security - Security measures must be integrated into the EHS management system and must meet defined minimal requirements. Site security is managed by the local site management and may involve third-party contracted organizations. It is of utmost importance, that the logistics security of material supply and product shipping and warehousing gets the required attention. Lonza engages in C-TPAT procedures to comply with security requirements.

    Communication of Risks - We openly communicate and provide information on our EHS performance to all stakeholders.
    All communication channels in case of an emergency are defined and functional.

  • Certificates

    Lonza requires its operational units to have the Group's performance based comprehensive environmental, health and safety management system in place. Lonza developed a series of around 20 Guidelines, which support line management in implementing these requirements and to comply with the Lonza standard. This standard is audited internally by a team of experienced auditors on a three-year cycle.

    The Group does not require its sites to have their EHS management system third-party certified. The decision for certification may depend on customer needs, as well as general market and business opportunities. R&D and production sites of Lonza Group, which are certified for their EHS management system or part of according to an internationally recognized standard (ISO 14000 series, OHSAS 18000 series, HACCP, or other) are listed in the annex of the SQS base certificate of the Group.

    Lonza Group  Base Certificate and Annex (all global sites and local processes)

    Lonza website for quality related and other certificates 

  • Procurement Policy

    Procurement Policy 

     As the pre-eminent supplier of Life Sciences intermediates and active ingredients, Lonza considers that its raw materials suppliers play a key role in the supply chain of its Life Sciences chemicals and biochemicals. Carefully selecting these suppliers and maintaining a high level of cooperation with those suppliers is considered as a key success factor.

  • Supplier Code of Conduct

    Supplier Code of Conduct
    Verhaltenskodex für Lieferanten von Lonza
    Code de conduite pour les fournisseurs de Lonza
    Código de conducta de proveedores de Lonza
    Codice di condotta dei fornitori Lonza
    Kodex chování dodavatele spole?nosti Lonza

  • Global Terms & Conditions for Direct Material Purchases

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  • Policy on Engagement of Third Party Recruitment Vendors

    Policy on Engagement of Third Party Recruitment Vendors