Performance Auditing

EHS performance audits are carried out at regular intervals, typically three years, at all production sites, warehouses and Research & Development sites. They cover all aspects of safety, health and environmental protection, and serve to monitor whether compliance with internal and external standards is achieved. These audits are conducted by internal independent experts by means of management interviews and site inspections and are based on a comprehensive and systematically compiled checklist. All audit findings are documented and a detailed follow-up action plan is required. The follow-up of audits is reviewed by corporate and due implementation is monitored.

Compliance Auditing

Compliance audits review the companies status against the local applicable laws and regulations in the countries where we operate. They are important tools for the site management, which is directly responsible for legal compliance of its operations.

Insurance Auditing

Insurance companies audit our manufacturing and R&D facilities at their own schedule. Lonza internal experts accompany and support these audits and have a great interest in this service in order to stay abreast of the safety of operation of its plants.